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El-Jay Plumbing & Heating
El-Jay Plumbing and Heating


Amanda Schreiner, Residential

We had a leaky pipe in the basement.  We called a different company first that we had been using and they came out but weren’t able to fix it because they didn’t have the tools on hand and said that it would be another week. And so I decided to call El-Jay and they came out right away that day about an hour later and fixed it right on the spot. 
I will definitely use El-Jay again!

Joseph Silva, owner-operator of local McDonald’s at:
210 2nd Street South in Waite Park, 456 Great Oak Drive in Waite Park, 304 Blattner Drive in Avon, 1180 East Elm Street in St Joseph   

I’ve been a customer of El-Jay Plumbing & Heating for several years now.  The types of work that I’ve had done by
El-Jay Plumbing & Heating have been replacement of commercial hot water tanks in our restaurants, also floor sinks.
  I’ve also had hand sinks replaced and also water leaks (that seem to occur at the restaurant at all times of the day) they’ve also repaired that for me. 
My favorite service that is offered by El-Jay, I would have to say is their customer service.  When you get on the phone and you call them up and you tell them that you have an issue, the people that answer the phones, they’re great!  They get the technician out right away.  The tech comes and explains what needs to be taken care of and they do it in an efficient manner.

Shantel Sundby, Granite City Real Estate

I am a regional Property Manager for apartments and associations throughout the state of MN. We’ve primarily used
El-Jay for our heating needs, they’ve changed out circulating pumps for us, helped us with water heater issues and other major malfunctions that we’ve had with our boiler systems on our properties. 

My favorite thing about El-Jay is their customer service.  When we call into the main office they’re very professional with us, they get us to who we need to talk to right away.  When the service people come out they’re very professional, our residents are happy with them.  And they always have done a great job and are very respectful in our buildings.  What makes us want to keep using El-Jay is that they’re the best option for the needs we have and they have done a great job for our needs.

April Jacques, Commercial Property Manager with Iret Properties

Locally I manage three large Class A properties.  One is Cold Spring Center, Wells Fargo Center and Sauk Prairie Medical Center.  And then there are 2 industrial properties in West River Business Park and Benton Business Park and a retail property at Westgate Shopping Center. 

El-Jay Plumbing has provided work on clogged drains, running toilets, leaking faucets and toilets, plumbing, frozen drains; we’ve had a couple times this past spring.  Also RPZ testing and a project to clean our cooling tower, and replace our heat exchanger, provide a filter system and Bruce (Project Manager at El-Jay Plumbing & Heating) was extremely helpful with that project.  Because he really did the research to find out what products work really well for us and he came in with the lowest bid as well! 

I love that the technician calls me when they are done working on the project that they got called in for.  I will keep using them for their excellent customer service.  And, like I mentioned, I just appreciate all the research that Bruce has done and the hard work that they put into their customers and doing their job correctly.

Charlie Spanier, Green Mill and Sterling Catering

El-Jay has done a lot of different jobs for us over the past decade or more.  Everything from tearing up floors and putting in floor drains to gas lines, new installation of equipment, hand sinks, leaky pipes (everywhere).  So they’ve covered it all. 

I think the best service that El-Jay offers is their timeliness.  We’ve had some serious issues that have come up and they’ve been here instantly and taken care of big problems so they didn’t interrupt our business.  What’s great about working with El-Jay Plumbing is you know that Andy’s (Andy Fritz, owner) going to make sure that things get taken care of.  He’s been very loyal and it’s a great relationship with the Green Mill.  We’ve had a long-term relationship, we’ve had no problems, any issues we’ve had they’ve made it right.  Plus just the timeliness of service and the quality of work we appreciate as well.

Heidi Voigt, Edina Realty

A new buyer, of mine that had closed on the transaction, had some sudden plumbing issues that came up.  On that specific visit El-Jay went out to the home, they just serviced a sink stop that wasn’t functioning the right way and checked out a toilet that was just concerning.  These were not major repairs but definitely something that brought satisfaction to my buyer and their whole experience with purchasing a new home. 

The fact that they are a full service plumbing and heating business gives me, as a professional that will be referring their service to other people, some diversity.
  But probably the best feature is that they are fully staffed.  Their office has receptionists’ that you can get in contact with and their technicians are knowledgeable and educated and responsive.  Recently I needed them so I called them in the morning and they were out there in the afternoon.  They ARE a good resource. 

They’re certified through EPA to install Radon Mitigation Systems which is a real up and coming issue in the real estate world.
  Consumers are asking for radon tests which might result in mitigation systems that need to be put in.  And this is a real unregulated field at this point.  The fact that El-Jay is certified just shows their commitment to professionalism and being educated in the systems that they put in place and that is definitely going to be a function I will be able to use them a lot for.


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